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Concept of Cha Nova

Cha Nova has two meanings, “new tea” and “place of tea”. Variety of tea drinks are being drunk in Taiwan on a daily basis. Busy work break time, holiday shopping with friends and lovers, a moment of family collaboration. There are always tea drinks by people. I started with such a desire to incorporate such a wonderful lifestyle into more people in Japan. You can experience the new way of drinking tea, also you can relax at the place of tea. I wish to be such Cha Nova.


Green tea

Green tea                   ・・・・・ ¥450
Honey green tea            ・・・・・ ¥500
Lemon green tea           ・・・・・ ¥500
Honey lemon green tea      ・・・ ¥500
Honey green tea latte      ・・・・ ¥500
Honey tapioca green tea latte  ・ ¥550

Oolong tea (Light)

Oolong tea                 ・・・・・ ¥450
Honey oolong tea       ・・・・・ ¥500
Lemon oolong tea      ・・・・・ ¥500
Honey lemon oolong tea ・・・ ¥500
Honey oolong tea latte     ・・・ ¥500
Honey tapioca oolong tea latte  ¥550

Black tea

Black tea      ・・・・・ ¥450
Honey black tea   ・・・ ¥500
Lemon black tea  ・・・ ¥500
Honey lemon black tea  ¥500
Honey black tea latte ・ ¥500
Honey tapioca milk tea  ¥550

Oolong tea

Oolong tea      ・・・・・ ¥450
Honey oolong tea latte  ・・・ ¥500
Honey tapioca oolong tea latte ¥550


Today's dessert       ・・・・・ ¥300

winter only menu

Ginger honey lemon      ・・・ ¥550

Ginger honey citron      ・・・ ¥550

Display is without tax


In Cha Nova, take-outs are provided in original bottles.

This bottle is made strong and can be reused. If you bring the next time (cleaned state) you will be offered \ 30 discount from the price of the item.

Earth friendly, gentle to your wallet. And above all, it is a design combining stylishness and convenience of carrying.

Customers who take out once, please bring Cha Nova bottle by all means when using next time.